The polytechnic running under the department of technical Education H.P. imparts training in different diploma courses of three years duration .As the institute is presently stationed in permanent building, the polytechnic imparts training in two branches only i.e. Civil Engineering. & Electrical Engineering. Three more courses shall be started as soon as institute’s own building is ready.

1. Department of Applied Sciences:

The department of Applied Sciences aims to provide a strong foundation for the students in the basic sciences. Students of different diploma courses are provided with the knowledge of the basic principles on which engineering is based. It encourages the students to apply the physical laws to the development of their fields of study. The Department has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and communication skills.

Faculty :

S.No. Name Designation Remarks
1 Sh. Anil Rewal HOD, Applied science & Humanities  
2 Sh. Ankush Bharti Lect., Physics  
3 Sh. Saroop Chand Lect., Physics  
4 Smt. Rajni Sharma Lect., Mathematics  
5 Mrs. Ankaj Thakur Lect. Chemistry Regular
6 Mrs. Deepa Kapoor Lect. English Contract


S. NO. Name of Lab. Lab. Incharge Major Equipments Remarks
1 Computer Lab. Sh. Ankush Bharti Computer systems ,Laptops, printers ,Scanners, HDVC and Softwares  
2 Physics Sh. Saroop Chand 2 milli Watt He- Ne Laser, Voltmeters,Ammeters, Travelling Microscope, Thermometers.Thermocouples.Oscilloscope  
3 Chemistry Mrs. Ankaj Thakur Red Wood Viscometer,Able’s Flash Point Apparatus,Muffle Furance, Electric Oven  
4 Language Lab Smt. Deepa Kapoor Language improver,BBC Designed Course and Material  


Department of Electrical Engineering was established in the year 2007 at Govt. Polytechnic, Banikhet. The Department has been imparting quality education at the diploma level. The course curriculum is being designed by Himachal Pradesh Takniki Shiksha Board and is revised from time to time as per the need of industry and other stake holders. Various Laboratories like Digital, Microprocessor and PLC lab. equipped with latest equipments have been set-up to give practical training to the students. It has an annual intake of 40 students.


S.No. Name Designation Remarks
1 Sh. Amit Attri Sr. Lect.  
2 Sh. Ashok Kumar Lecturer  
3 Miss Divya Lecturer  
4 Sh. Lalit Rana Lecturer  


S. NO. Name of Lab. Lab. Incharge Major Equipments Remarks
1 Basic Electronics Lab Sh. Shakti Negi Diodes,Trasistors,Amplifires,Field Effect Trasistors  
2 Electrical Machines Sh Lalit Rana DC MOTORS,AC Motors, Transformors, Synchronous Motor.Induction Motor,FKW Motors,Special purpose.  
3 Measurement Lab Sh. Ashok Kumar AM Meters,Voltmeters,Watt Meters,Energy Meters,LCR Meters, Thermometers.Thermocouples.Oscilloscopes  
4 Power Electronics Lab Sh. Miss Divya Power Amplifiers,Voltage Amplifires,Oscillaters Power Supply(CVT.UPS)  
5 Electrical Workshop Sh. Davinder Sharma 1 LCD TV
2.Transfomer Welding M/C,
3.Air Conditioner
6 Digital Microprocessor and PLC Lab Miss Divya 1.Analog Digital Experiment Trainer
2.Digital Logic Trainer
3.PLC Training System

3. Deprtment of Civil Engg.:

The Department focuses on education in the broad areas of Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water Resources & Environmental Engineering. It has an annual intake of 40 students.


S.No. Name Designation Remarks
1 Sh. Amandeep Singh Lecturer OIC
2 Sh. Parveen Kumar Lecturer Regular
3 Sh. Abhishek Patial Lecturer Contract
4 Sh. Saibal Bharti Lecturer Contract
5 Sh. Nitin Lab assst.  


S. NO. Name of Lab. Lab. Incharge Major Equipments Remarks
1 Applied Mechanics Lab. Sh. Amandeep Singh 1.Winch Crab App.
2.Simple Supported Beam
3.Personal H.P. App.
4 Simple & compound pulley App.
2 Concrete Technology Sh. Saibal Bharti 1.Vibrating Table
2. Elect. Oven
3. ELTX. Weighing Balance
4. C.F.T. Apparatus
5. Weighing Scale
3 Construction Material Sh. Saibal Bharti 1.VICAT Apparatus
2. Density Bucket
3. Cylindrical Metal
4. Slum Test Apparatus
5.vibrating Table
6. Compaction factor test apparatus
4 Water Supply and Waste Water Engg. Sh. Parveen Kumar 1.JAR test App.
2 PH METER, Digital Turbidity meter,
3.Water Analysis Kit
4. D.O. Meter
5. D. T. Meter
6.Conductivity MT.
5 Transportation Engg. Sh.Abhishek Patial 1.Bitumen Penetrometer
2. L.A. ABRA. M/C
3 Ductility Test APP.
4. Agg. Impact Test Apparatus
5. Ring and Wall Apparatus
6. Loss Angle Abrasion Mc
6 Survey Sh. Abhishek Patial 1.Total Station
2. Electronic Digital Theodolite
3. Auto Level, IOP level
4. Digital Planimeter
5.Abney Level, Dumpy level
6. Leveling Staff